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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Client Projects - Super Huge Photo Post

I have been kind of AWOL lately, huh? I haven't been neglecting you, dear friends--at least, not on purpose. No, I've just been spectacularly busy. I even made food that turned out yummy and didn't even take pictures of it, because my brain is off dancing drunkenly in the streets elsewhere. I made crispy polenta cakes and eggs. I made fudge-covered bing cherry brownies. I made marshmallow fondant. Pictures of any of it? Nope. I'm ashamed.

But I DID take photos of the stuff that's been keeping me so occupied. If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen these photos. And if you're not on Facebook with me.... well then, that's where the cool kids are. You should come. Tell your friends. They want to be cool too, right?

Here's what I HAVE been doing.

I made a bunch of stuff for the local Relay for Life Fundraising Auction. Included were a stack of shortbread owl cookies with royal icing, two boxes of german chocolate cake pops, and a box of gooey butter cakepops. I made all kinds of sugar cookies for various people--one batch for a lady going on a beach picnic (I also made her sunburst cakepops), one batch for my son's preschool teachers, and one batch of little shortbread flowers for my family's weekly pool partay! (But crap, I don't have pics of the flower cookies. Shame, they were adorable. They might still be on my camera.)

Get the flash player here:

I made a 4-layer dark chocolate cake for an elephant-themed 3rd birthday party. It was squee-cute. See for yourself. See? Cute!

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I also made cake pops to donate to a baby shower down in Georgia. Sadly, they ended up melting in shipping, despite my best efforts to keep them cool--I wrapped them with an ice pack inside an insulated bag, and stuffed the whole thing in styrofoam. I plastered the box in an obnoxious number of "Perishable" stickers, but alas--the sun, she's too strong. It IS August, after all.

Get the flash player here:

So you see, my negligence hasn't been intentional. I've just been baking my dear little heart out. What have you been doing lately in your kitchen? Do tell!!

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  1. Nice post. I also make good friends on Facebook and talk with them on the weekend. Its good to spend time with them.


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